Get to know PowerSense. In the Corporate part of our web site you will get a quick view of what kind of company PowerSense is, what we have accomplished in the past as well as what direction we are going in the future.

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Get inspiration how to optimize your Smart Grid investments. In the Solutions part of our website you will find information on PowerSense's view on the market, how we operate in it & what we offer to the Smart Grid world.

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Get detailed information on PowerSense product lines and product functions. Understand how to use the PowerSense products in the most efficient way and the service we offer along with the production capabilities.

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pict how to get PowerSense can deliver an end-to-end pilot installation within weeks. PowerSense offers a complete package of hardware to be installed in the field and a stand-alone software solution. This will provide the customers with a complete understanding of the capabilities in the PowerSense DISCOS® solution. Once understanding the endless opportunities in retrofitting the existing power distribution infrastructure, it is easy to build the positive ROI for the upgrade of your existing static power grid to an interactive Smart Grid.
Do not hesitate – get a pilot!
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